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Analysis of female filmmakers’ works with women’s voice

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(Re)configuration of (Woman) Subject in the Film Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts

Panji WIbowo
Researcher and freelance director. Trainer in creative writing, film training, film critics, film directing and documentary
Institut Kesenian Jakarta
In a situation where access and opportunities to work are wide open, are women directors capable of creating novelty or aesthetics that are specifically female? This paper will discuss about how the film Marlina the Killer in Four Acts can be the answer to the challenge. Through the characters Marlina and Novi who are placed in the tension between molar and molecular identities, this film seeks to offer a way out of feminists stagnation which still places emancipation and equality as the main problem. Marlina, the main character of this film, is not described as an ‘ideal subject’, a subject or character in a film that generally makes the audience identify or sympathize. She is not a representation of the women we recognize in our everyday life. Through mise-en-scene and camera placement, we are constantly kept at a distance. We are invited to reconfigure the ‘new subjects’ manually, piece by piece, as a way to break out from female identities that are still confined by binary logic.
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2 Responses

  1. Penelitian yang sangat menarik mengulas kekhasan karya perempuan. Menurut saya penelitian Bp.Panji juga menarik untuk meneliti film dokumenter. Apakah sutradara dokumeter perempuan sanggup melahirkan kebaruan atau estetika yang khas perempuan? 

    Terutama pada film2 yg mengangkat kisah dan suara perempuan, terutama melihat perekembangan film feminist memang cukup pesat.
    Terima Kasih

  2. Kami mengundang rekan-rekan sekalian untuk berdiskusi dalam panel ini. Diskusi dapat diajukan dalam bentuk pertanyaan maupun pernyataan, baik kepada para panelis, maupun kepada KAFEIN selaku peneliti dalam proyek Pengumpulan Data Jender Terpilah. Kami juga berharap, para rekan untuk dapat memberikan rekomendasi terkait arah riset dan kebijakan dalam tema ini.

    We invite colleagues to discuss in this panel. We welcome any questions and comments, both to panelists and to KAFEIN as a researcher in Gender-Disaggregated Data of the Indonesian Film Industry. We also expect for policy recommendation and action plan related to this research.

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