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Female Film Students Final Project: Film Studies Option and Understanding towards Film (Lecturer's Retrospective Notes)

Renta Vulkanita Hasan
Teaching staff at the Department of Television and Film, researcher, live in Jember.
Universitas Jember
This research focuses on female film students and their preferences in final assignments for completing studies. The topic relates with the issue of gender equality in film schools. The study has an outcome in the form of identification of film school (where I teach) related to the position of female students in film learning. This output is expected to be one of the recommendations for (efforts in) resolving gender disparities at the academic / film school level. In the case of the University of Jember Film and TV Study Program, there is a tendency for female film students to choose the final project in the form of research, instead of practicing films. More than that, it is interesting that their perspective is to see issues within films, and not on the film itself. The results of the investigation showed that this incident was influenced by 2 factors, namely: (1) the role of the lecturer; and (2) mediation, both of which are found in an in-depth study of the learning and the student reception processes and the events that occur therein.

Keywords: Final project; gender; film program
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Women in Relation of Academic and Industry

Lala Palupi Santyaputri
Teaching staff at the Visual Communication Design Department, researcher, live in Jakarta.
Universitas Pelita Harapan
Film schools in Indonesia have increased in the last ten years along with the growth in Indonesian film production. The production of films which is considered the masculine world began attracted by women. The number of female students in film schools has increased from year to year, it is also followed with the film production which is usually dominated by men workers and now started to be in appeal by women.
This research is using qualitative study through identifying and examining some of the obstacles experienced by the object using the interview method on the interviewees and surveys of female students as respondents.
To be able to compete in the world of production, many women get obstacles not only from the film production but also from the inner circle environment such as family and psychological barriers.
These discoveries could be a further investigation, for the new awareness conducted by educators in film school as formal education or as a code of ethics in the film industry.
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New Generation of Female Film Workers in Indonesia

Citra Dewi Utami
Teaching staff at Television and Film Department, filmmaker, researcher, live in Surakarta.
Institut Seni Indonesia Surakarta
There is a problem in the ratio of the number of female and male workers in the film industry, and there is a perceived difference in the quality of work, so not all occupations are available to women. This research tries to see the gap between men and women in the film industry through the point of view of women workers themselves. This research interviews with ten speakers from four regions in Indonesia, deepening the issues of educational background, level of skills, expertise, specialization, choice of profession, strategies for getting a job and doing business, work experience, and their interpretation of the gap of male-female workers and the perceived inferiority towards men, and the rise in sexual harassments in film production. There is a suspicion that the cause of the gap comes not only from natural problems but also related to culture. Women film workers’ relation to their social environment requires special efforts. These women need leadership ability and professional capacity building, more discussion forums, as well as audience literacy for their work, that at the end give more value to films that raise issues about women.
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  1. Kami mengundang rekan-rekan sekalian untuk berdiskusi dalam panel ini. Diskusi dapat diajukan dalam bentuk pertanyaan maupun pernyataan, baik kepada para panelis, maupun kepada KAFEIN selaku peneliti dalam proyek Pengumpulan Data Jender Terpilah. Silakan tulis nama pembicara tertentu dalam panel ini untuk menanggapi. Kami juga berharap, para rekan untuk dapat memberikan rekomendasi terkait arah riset dan kebijakan dalam tema ini.

    We invite colleagues to discuss in this panel. We welcome any questions and comments, both to panelists and to KAFEIN as a researcher in Gender-Disaggregated Data of the Indonesian Film Industry. Please write the name of a particular speaker in this panel to respond if needed. We also expect for policy recommendation and action plan related to this research.

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